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Cookie program powers year of adventures for Girl Scout.

Girl Scout Cookie Program 2020 - Corra

Corra Proper would have spent all summer at Girl Scout camp if she could.

She said she loves swimming, creating art projects and bonding with the counselors.

And because of the hard work she does during the Girl Scout Cookie Program, Corra has earned her way to resident camp for the last two summers.

Corra exceeded her 2019 cookie goal by 2,539 packages, for a total of 4,558 packages. Because Corra and her troop members all worked so hard, they had enough funds for all six of them to attend one session of resident camp. Plus, because Corra reached 2,019 packages, she earned a free week of resident camp, which she plans to use this coming summer.  

Her mother, Crystal Proper, said camp is a special experience the 9-year-old has through Girl Scouts that she might not get otherwise.

“I think it’s awesome for the girls to be able to experience camp at least once like that, no cell phones, unhooked from technology,” she said. “It’s great for the girls, and it’s great for the parents too.”

Camp isn’t the only activity the girls experience because of the cookie program. Corra’s troop, Troop 6379, uses the cookie proceeds to pay for all its activity fees.

“We don’t have dues or anything because the girls work so hard during cookie season,” Crystal said.

In the last few months, cookie proceeds have paid for the troop members earning the Social Butterfly, Drawing and Savvy Shopper badges. One of Corra’s favorite fall activities was earning her Jeweler badge during an afternoon at the Zanesville Museum of Art.

“We made pendants and we learned a lot about jewelry from a long time ago and we got to go on a tour,” Corra said.

Cookie proceeds also covered new uniforms and insignia when the girls bridged from Brownies to Juniors in the fall.

Now as a Junior, Corra is old enough to do so many more activities. As a girl who loves swimming, biking and hiking, she’s already looking forward to more outdoor activities this spring.

“I really want to go canoeing,” she said.

The girls will get to do just that as well as archery and horseback riding. But that’s not all. The troop is also using cookie proceeds for ziplining, attending a first aid course, visiting the Ohio Statehouse, learning about circuits at the council’s Make Zone and so much more.

Through the cookie program, Corra has learned the importance of dedication and never giving up. Part of the reason she did so well is because she asks every person who walks buy her cookie booth if they want cookies. Even when they would say no, she would keep going after a pep talk from her mom.

“My mom pushed me, like she was encouraging me,” Corra said.

Crystal said Girl Scouts overall has been great for Corra because she has had so many new experiences — from earning a Home Scientist badge to tackling cyber security.

“Girl Scouts is awesome because she’s made friends with people she probably never would have met in different grades with different interests,” Crystal said.