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Girl Scout develop leadership skills through cookie program

Khloe _ Cookie Booth

Girl Scout Cookie season may only last three months, but the lessons Khloe Tucker has learned through the program will last a lifetime.

Khloe’s leadership and people skills have blossomed since she first participated in the program three years ago. Making change for customers at cookie booths allows the 10-year-old to practice math skills, which has paid off in the classroom.

“I went to school and then they asked me a question and I knew because I was doing it with cookies,” Khloe said.

Her mother, Jessie Tucker, said the cookie program has shaped Khloe’s leadership style. Rather than telling other girls at cookie booths what to do and how to do it, Khloe leads by helping and showing other girls how to behave at a booth.

“She’s become more of the leader instead of the boss,” she said.  

And Khloe has taken those leadership skills beyond Girl Scouts. She’s become a leader at school and in her other extracurricular activities, Jessie said.

Khloe wants to be example for the other Girl Scouts in her troop. It’s why she participated in multiple cookie booths in February and March during the 2019 Girl Scout Cookie Program on her way to crushing her 1,600-package goal and reaching the 2,019 packages mark.

“It was important to me to do all of that because I wanted to show all my Girl Scout friends that they could reach (that) high,” Khloe said.

Khloe spent the whole cookie season working hard to accomplish her goal and by surpassing it, she learned the value of determination and perseverance.

“What I learned from that experience is that you should always keep trying, then you might succeed,” she said.

Khloe always sets her cookie goal higher than the previous year and Jessie said it was amazing Khloe could not only reach her goal but pass it in 2019.

“It’s been really rewarding as a parent to know that she did most of it herself,” Jessica said.

Khloe said she wants other Girl Scouts to know they can reach any goal they set.

“I would say just keep trying and if you don’t succeed, just keep trying and you might succeed and do what you want,” she said.

That sentiment fits in with Khloe’s supportive mentality. While the cookie program powers adventures for Girl Scouts, Khloe said she wants people to know Girl Scouts is so much more than that.

“They should know that isn’t not just about cookies, it’s sharing and being kind to all our sisters, being a sister to all your Girl Scout friends,” she said.