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Girl Scouts enjoy camp thanks to cookie program

Becca Cookie Booth

Becca Burt and Sarah Redd set big goals during the 2019 Girl Scout Cookie Program.

That’s what happens when you have big plans. The girls know the cookie program powers their adventures so they each wanted to reach 2,019 packages.

And the troop-mates exceeded their goals. Becca finished the cookie season with a total of 2,044 packages. Sarah, who had surpassed the 2,018 packages the year before, did it again and sold 2,230 packages of cookies.

So, what’s it like to accomplish such a feat?

“I was really happy because I really wanted to go to camp,” Becca, 12, said.

Resident camp was the reason both girls set their cookie goals so high. When Girl Scouts reach the 2,019-package threshold, they earn a free week of resident camp.

Sarah used her week of camp to attend one of the Trail Mix sessions, a program that combines the best parts of camp for a week of canoeing, horseback riding, geocaching and much more.

“We had a dance party and a fashion show,” Sarah, 11,[MD1]  said of her favorite parts of the camp.

Becca said she her favorites part of camp are meeting new girls and interacting with horses.

Becca’s mom, Emily Burt said, said camp is an important experience because Becca’s older brother has special needs. Sometimes it’s a challenge for Becca do things, such as having friends over to stay the night, Emily said.

“Girl Scouts has been her way to be able to do these typical girl things,” she said. “She very much enjoys going to camp because she gets that crazy girl sleepover atmosphere.”

Even though it’s cold standing at cookie booths each weekend, the girls never lost their determination because of camp and the joy cookies bring to people.

“I really wanted to go to camp and seeing people happy because we’re standing out there in the cold and they get to get their cookies,” Becca, of Columbus, said.

Sarah’s mother, Julie Redd, said whenever the cold weather at cookie booths was starting to get to Sarah, she would pull out the resident camp guide to remind Sarah why she was working so hard.

Through the cookie program girls learn the importance of goal setting. And even though Becca and Sarah have participated in the cookie program for many years, they are still learning lessons.

Sarah, who lives in Gahanna, said she learned that anything is possible because at first she wasn’t sure she could reach 2,019 packages.

A lesson Becca learned will be with her long after cookie season ends.

“If you work very hard for your goals, you’ll meet them,” Becca said.