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Outreach Programs

Outreach-Mixed ages

When you host Girl Scout programs, girls experience girl-led programming in a space they’re comfortable learning and growing in.
Our program facilitators guide girls through team-building activities to help them overcome obstacles and resolve conflict, as well as give them space to explore their interests, discover new passions, and become leaders.

  • Paid Girl Scout Staff Facilitator
  • Program Supplies
  • All participating girls will receive a Girl Scout Membership 
Programs We Offer:
Free Being Me (Grades K-12)

A global leadership program developed to give girls a safe place to strengthen their self-confidence. Girls explore issues of beauty and body confidence, support each other through small group activities, build leadership skills, learning to take every opportunity to realize their full potential in life.

Outdoor Adventure (Grades K-8)(Fall and Spring)

Girls are inspired to explore and adventure out into the outdoors. They get to engage in fun and hands-on activities, learn exciting and handy outdoor skills and are challenged on how they view their impact on the environment.

Peace It Together (Grades K-8)

A program that will build your daughter’s self-esteem, provide her the confidence to stand up for herself and others through team-building activities. She will learn to appreciate and embrace the differences in others as well as how to handle conflict in a healthy and respectful way.

Robotics (Grades 4-8)

A program designed for girls to learn all about robots through coding, careers in STEM and fun hands on activities featuring Ozobots! Ozobots are small robots that will allow girls to become more comfortable with coding. 

Money Matters (Grades K-5)(May-August)

A program designed where girls will the difference between needs and wants through a variety of activities. They will learn how to create a basic budget and how to set and meet a financial goal.

Backpack Program (Grades K-5)

The Girl Scout Backpack Program is an exclusive opportunity for girls in grades K-5 to participate in the fun and interactive activities that include learning about Girl Scouts, hands-on science projects, getting outdoors, and practicing empathy, kindness and girl empowerment. Supplies and snacks are included in the packet.

To participate in the program, girls need to complete the online registration at

If you are interested in partnering with us for this program, complete the Girl Scout Community Partner Backpack Program Request Form at

Questions can be directed to Alexis Howze, senior manager, community engagement and outreach; 614-266-3744 or

The Girl Scout Difference:
  • 75% of current female senators were Girl Scouts
  • Nearly all of the 40 women who have flown in space were Girl Scouts
  •  Girl Scouts collectively spend more than 75 million hours improving their communities
  • Half of all U.S. businesswomen were Girl Scouts
What girls are saying:
  • “I appreciate that you guys take time out of your day to help us.”
  • “I’ve learned a lot from the program and it’s helped me realize we have more in common than I thought.”
  • “It’s okay to be confident.”
  • “This program has taught me to be brave and speak up for what’s right.”
  • “I was able to learn about different people.”
  • “Always be there, be the help to the solution not the problem.”
  • “Be understanding everyone is different.”
  • “I was able to develop leadership skills."
How long are the outreach programs?

Our programs are designed to be completed in four hours. However, we can break the programs up into four one-hour sessions or two two-hour sessions.


How much does the program cost?

We are thrilled to be able to offer programs for free. We have the necessary funds to cover the costs.

Do you offer programs to boys, too?

Part of the Girl Scout Experience is that the girls are in a girl-only, girl-led environment. Therefore, we do not offer our programs to boys. If working in a school, we ask that the school staff find a way to occupy the boy’s time.


Who teaches the programs?

Our program staff includes trained program presenters who will facilitate the program.

How do girls participate in Girl Scouts after the program has ended?

We provide the girls who participate in the program with a membership to Girl Scouts for the academic year in which they participate. Once they are Girl Scouts, they will be able to participate in all of the wonderful programs and activities Girl Scouts has to offer!

For more information, please contact a member of the Outreach Team by calling 614-487-8101 or emailing