Mall Lock-In
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Mall Lock-In 2020

NOTICE: We are working on a reschedule date for this event for Summer 2020 due to COVID-19 measures. 

Calling all Girl Scout Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors: Bring your mixtape and scrunchies and  join us for Mall Lock-In 2020!

The DJ will keep you dancing while you roam the halls of the mall after-hours. Try different activities, practice financial literacy skills, participate in a pajamas fashion show and have a blast while staying up all night long. Some stores even stay open for late-night shopping!

Adult supervision is required. Any adult planning to attend must be registered members who have successfully passed a background check.



Who can attend?

Registered Girl Scout Juniors through Ambassadors, along with registered Girl Scout adults who have completed a background check.  

Who can volunteer?

Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors and Girl Scout adults may register as an event volunteer for a minimal fee. You’ll get to participate in the Mall Lock-In by working a three-hour to four-hour shift and helping us run the event. Adults, when signing up for shifts please consider who will be supervising your girls during your volunteer shift! Any event volunteers who purchase movie tickets will want to choose an earlier shift so as not to miss the movie. 

What’s the check-in process?

Registration confirmations go out about 10 days before the event. If you do not receive a confirmation in this time frame, please contact Customer Care so they can send you a copy.

In the confirmation, there will be a link to express check in online and the deadline it needs to be completed by — we highly recommend you complete this. Express check in allows us to verify the roster and make sure your group is all placed together. It also allows you to select a buddy troop to be camped near, allows for quicker check in at the event and allows us to print the emergency contact information on the troop’s name tags. Troops who do not complete this will need to go through manual check in at the event, will need to fill in all emergency contact information on each person’s name tag by hand, and doesn’t have the option to request a campsite buddy. 

What are campsites?

Each troop/group will have an assigned “campsite.” These are spots inside the mall where your troop can set up as a home-base and leave sleeping bags, chairs, etc. When you receive your group’s envelope at check-in, your campsite will be marked on the front. This site is reserved for your troop and is approved by the River Valley Mall. Please do not move to a different spot as some of the stores have sensitive alarms!

What’s the check-out process?

Check-out will be available starting at 5 a.m. Girls and adults are responsible for cleaning their areas before leaving — remember, a Girl Scout always leaves a place cleaner than she found it! Evaluations will need to be completed and turned in along with your check-out roster to receive your patches. Please have evaluations ready to go at check out. If you completed express check in, your roster and evaluations will be in your packet. For manual check in, evaluations will be at the check-out table.

What should girls/troops bring?

All items that you bring should be carried in and out of the mall in one trip. You may want to bring:

  • Spending money. 
  • Budget Activity Challenge (optional for raffle tickets).
  • Additional snacks.
  • Small games or activities to do at your campsite (i.e. deck of cards, etc.).
  • Troop’s health history forms (Adult in charge keeps on hand).
  • A reusable water bottle with your name on it. 
  • Sleeping bags, blankets or camp chairs at your discretion. 
What are the sleeping arrangements?

The Mall Lock-In is not set up for sleeping! Very few people sleep because there are activities to try all night long. Most girls will sleep on the car ride home. Campsites are assigned, but you won't know where your campsite will be located until you check in at the event, which means you won't know what activities are happening near your campsite until you arrive.

If you are planning to sleep, please know that you’ll be on a tile floor — a sleeping bag and pillow are recommended. Electrical outlets are not available. 

What’s the Budget Activity Challenge?

Your Girl Scout’s mission, should she choose to accept it, involves thinking about what she wants and making a budget for her Mall Lock-In shopping experience! For one week, ask your Girl Scout to write a list of every item that makes her think, “I want that,” and jot down where she saw the item. At the end of the week, go through the list and make a note of how many of those items she’s still thinking of and how many she has forgotten. Talk with her about what triggers her to want something. Then, come up with a budget of how she will spend her money during the Mall Lock-In! Your Girl Scout can show her budget to the raffle ticket attendant during the event to earn a ticket for door prizes!

What badge steps can girls complete?

At check-in, your Girl Scout will receive a Mall Lock-In program booklet. If she completes the activities in the booklet, she’ll complete a couple of financial literacy badge steps:

  • Girl Scout Juniors: Business Owner (Step 4) and Savvy Shopper (Step 4)
  • Girl Scout Cadettes: Budgeting (Steps 1 and 5)
  • Girl Scout Seniors: Financing My Future (Step 2) and Buying Power (Step 2)
  • Girl Scout Ambassadors: Good Credit (Step 4) and On My Own (Step 1)
What food is available?

A snack and a grab-and-go breakfast are included in your registration fee. A couple of the mall’s food vendors may stay open and there are vending machines throughout the mall for additional snacks and drinks. You are welcome to bring snacks for your group to save money, if you think girls will want more food or drinks than what is offered. Keep in mind that no refrigeration or heat sources will be available when selecting your snack choices. 

What stores will be open?

Closer to the event date we will get a list of stores that will be. Not all stores in the mall will be open during the lock-in. 

What should girls do with their money?

It’s important that girls and adults always keep their money with them. Do not leave money at your campsite! Neither Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland nor the mall are responsible for your personal belongings or lost money. 

How do girls earn raffle tickets?

Girls can earn raffle tickets by completing steps toward their financial literacy badges. One such activity includes creating a budget for the event and planning ahead for the items you’re hoping to purchase. Additional activities are included in the booklet each participant receives at check-in. Raffle tickets are drawn every hour beginning at 10:30 p.m. Winning items are chosen at random and most items are donated from participating stores. At 4:30 a.m. any unclaimed prizes are re-drawn for until all prizes are gone.

You can turn in your budget planning sheet and show completed financial literacy activities at the raffle table. They will sign off on each activity and give you a ticket for each completed activity. 

What are the rules and expectations?

Please keep in mind that you are representing Girl Scouts, your service unit and your troop when attending this program. Follow the Girl Scout Law by respecting yourself and others.

  • All attendees must be registered Girl Scout members and register to attend the event. No unregistered members will be allowed entry.
  • All adults must have a valid background check on file.
  • This is a lock-in, you may not leave the building until the designated check out time except for an emergency.
  • Groups must stay off the gates and glass of store fronts. Troops cannot tape/ glue/tack signs or other items to gates, windows or walls.
  • You may not use a tent or other structure at your campsite.
  • Remember to leave a place better than you found it — this includes cleaning up your campsite when the event is over.
  • No running or gymnastics in the mall — this includes skipping, handstands, cartwheels and backflips.
  • Girls and adults must always wear shoes when standing or walking around the mall.
  •  Lounge areas or mall furniture are for everyone’s use and cannot be used for campsites or sleeping.
  • Keep your campsite area contained so there is a clear walkway throughout the mall.
  • All adults are your adult. Please be respectful of anyone asking you to stop running, put on shoes or clean up your area.
  • Be respectful to mall store employees and GSOH Staff — they are here for you.
Can girls/troops arrive late or leave early?

For safety reasons, it’s crucial that all participants stay at in the mall for the duration of the event. If a participant may be arriving late, they will need to arrive before 10:15 p.m. A troop leader, or the whole troop, will need to meet the participant at the door to sign them in. Notify if you know of a participant who will be arriving late. In case of illness or emergency, participants will be able to leave with the help of mall security after they have signed out. Remember, this is an all-night event! Those who only want to stay for a few hours should reconsider attending.

What movie will be shown and how do we purchase tickets?

This year's movie will be Disney's new live-action Mulan

This is a special screening just for us, held after the regular movies have ended. All theaters will show the same movie and will begin at the same time.

To attend the movie, tickets must be purchased in advance on CORA (before the registration deadline). No tickets will be available at the event. If you’ve purchased tickets, you’ll receive a special wristband at check-in which allows you to enter the movie theater. Wristbands must be worn to get access to the theater.

The movie theater is not connected internally to the mall — there is approximately a 20-foot outdoor walk on the sidewalk from the mall door to the movie theater door. At the designated time, security and staff will transfer all participants who purchased tickets. When the movie is over, the entire group will be transferred back to the mall.

You must be in line by 1:30 a.m. to transfer to the movie theater. You will not be able to re-enter the mall until the movie is over. The Cinemark concession stands will also be open and only available to those attending the movie. No outside food or drink is permitted in the theater.

What kind of security measures are in place throughout the night?

All doors are locked, and we place volunteer guards at all the main doors. Mall security is on site with us. While all Girl Scout adults must have a completed background check to attend, keep in mind that we cannot vouch for mall employees or vendors. Adults must always know where their girls are located.