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Field Trips

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Do you represent a school looking for learning opportunities? At Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland, your class can learn about science, math, art and more while immersed in the outdoors!

Visit Camp Ken-Jockety and the Elam Environmental Center for an adventure-filled day led by our knowledgeable program managers and staff. Our fully-guided programs are a great way to get out of the classroom and into nature and packed with hands-on experience your students will remember for years to come.

Download our Education Program Opportunities Guide here to begin building your experience or read about our programs below.

Maple Syrup Field Trips
January 14 - March 15, 2019 
Sugar Bush Hike

Have a sweet time hiking the Tree Tapper’s Trail while learning about where maple syrup comes from and how it’s made.

Tree Identification 101

How do you identify a tree without leaves? Learn tips and tricks for spotting the differences!

Hands-On Sap Collection

Help the maple syrup crew collect sap destined to become syrup.


How does sap become syrup? Watch the evaporation process in action and find out!

Learn about density, changes in matter, and more. Your sugar house experience is tailored to the age of participants.

Maple Math

To make and bottle something as sweet as maple syrup means a little math is necessary!

Work through age appropriate maple syrup math problems.

Maple History

Maple syrup is historically delicious! Learn about how long it has been around and what it took to make syrup in the early days.


How do you create a recognizable maple syrup brand? What would get people excited about such a sweet offering?

Outdoor Education Field Trips
April 15 - May 17, 2019
Campfire Fun

Learn fire science and help build a steadily-burning campfire. Test out your handy work by toasting a few marshmallows! Close-toed shoes required.

Cooperative Games

Band together to complete games and challenges. Your students will build teamwork and cooperation skills during this session that help foster leadership and openness to new ideas!


Head out to Becky’s Pond to catch bluegill, bass, catfish, and more! You’ll learn how to use a cane pole (K - third grade) or a reel pole (fourth grade and up) while catching real fish.


Take off on a treasure hunt! Learn to use a GPS unit as you locate hidden loot around the camp and get a firm grasp on longitude and  latitude. Fourth grade and up.

Survival Skills

Can you start a fire without matches? Do you know how to build a shelter? How many wild plants can you identify? Develop cooperative sills while learning all this and more! Fourth grade and up.

Creek Explorer

Wade into the creek and work with a group to collect fish, mussels, and insects. You’ll use a seine net to catch specimens as part of an environmental health assessment.

Discovery Hike

A naturalist will guide you through a hike to learn about the outside world. You’ll use your all your senses to explore on this guided trek.

In the Garden

How does a flower grow strong? Learn what it takes for plants to mature as you dig in and help get the garden under way!

Ohio Wildlife

Come learn about Ohio’s mammals, from raccoons to deer, and their adaptations! Get up close by examining animal skins and artifacts with the class.

Science Magic Show

Experience the magic of science with a real science magician! Can something be liquid and solid? Do some rocks really glow? Our magician will do demos and explain the science behind each one, revealing how each trick works.

Ready to schedule?

If you’re ready to schedule a field trip to Camp Ken-Jockety and the Elam Environment Center, click here or contact Jenny Duff at

If you have questions about a class, reach out to Chris Rehs-Dupin at – he’ll be happy to help you understand and select your classes!