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Fall Product Patch Program

Patch programs are a great way to enhance your Fall Product Program experience. They can help you set goals, think about all aspects of the sale, and gain valuable new skills. Check out the patches you can earn this year!

Patch - Go Beyond

Go Beyond Banner Patch 
Earn this patch by selling 3 M2 magazines.

Patch - Soar Above

Soar Above Plane Patch 
Earn this patch by sending 15+ emails. 

Patch - Moose

Moose Patch
Earn this patch by selling 15 nut or candy items.  

Patch - Care to Share

Care to Share Patch
The Care to Share Program allows customers to support those serving our country in the military. By making a $6 donation, an item is sent to active and retired members of the military and their families. Girls earn the Care to Share patch with four "Care to Share" orders.


Custom Me2 Avatar Patch
Earn this patch by selling 4 magazines and 30 nut or candy items. 4 background choices available online!

Patch - Rally

Fall Product Rally Patch
Attend the rally to earn this patch. 

Patch design_fall stellar-01

2018 Fall Product Stellar Seller Patch
Achieve $1,000 or more in combined sales and become a Fall Product Program Stellar Seller! You will earn this unique patch and be invited to the Stellar Seller celebration at the Columbus Zoo on May 18, 2019.

Patch desgin_Double

Double Stellar Seller Patch
Girls who sell $1,000 in combined sales during the 2018 Fall Product Program and 1,000 packages during the 2019 Cookie Program will become a Double Stellar Seller. These girls will earn this special patch and be invited to attend the Double Stellar Seller event and an animal encounter at the Columbus Zoo on May 18, 2019.


Cookie Crossover Patch
Girls who create the Me2 avatar and send 15 emails in the Fall Product Program and sell 275 packages in the Cookie Program will earn this Cookie Crossover patch.