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IMPORTANT Updates for 2023 Cookie Season

Read the below documents to learn more:

Want to know about all the benefits of selling Girl Scout Cookies? Looking for a one-stop shop with the latest safety guidelines, information on earning the Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin, and tips for parents and volunteers working with Girl Scout Cookie Professionals? 

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is an iconic Girl Scout tradition dating back more than 100 years — all the way to 1917—just five years after Juliette Gordon Low formed the first Girl Scout troop. Today, more than 900,000 girls across the United States participate in the cookie program — having fun, developing valuable life skills, and making their communities a better place every step of the way.

100% of funds generated from this program go toward helping Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland build important skills by providing activities and opportunities through our programs.

What Girl Scouts Learn

While participating in the 2023 Girl Scout Cookie Program, Girl Scouts will challenge themselves and practice the 5 Skills while earning rewards and funds for their troops.

Getting Ready

Your troop might be ready to participate in the 2023 Girl Scout Cookie Program if:

  • You have more than two volunteers and five Girl Scouts registered for the 2022-2023 Girl Scout Year.
  • Girl Scouts’ families and caregivers regularly read and respond to troop communications and participate in troop activities.
  • The troop has a bank account on file or has two volunteers who are able to go together to open one.
  •  Your Girl Scouts are excited to set and meet goals and earn great rewards!

Not sure if your troop is ready to participate? Talk to your membership manager about what you need to do or email to learn more about participating as individuals instead.

Getting Started

  1. Troop Cookie Program Coordinators complete online training on gsLearn.  Find instructions for locating and completing the training here. 
  2. Complete a Volunteer Responsibility Form (under Forms and Permission Slips below), take a photo to keep on your phone and for your records, and give a copy to your Service Unit Cookie Program Coordinator. Don’t know who your SUCPC is? Contact
  3. Plan a Cookie Family meeting to set goals and deadlines and distribute materials to Girl Scouts and their families. Find Family Meeting Guides and more here.
  4. Attend service unit meeting or packet pick up and to receive your troop’s materials and Instant Rewards. PDFs to email or make additional copies are below under Guides and Forms and Permission Slips.
  5. Explore the resources below to learn more, sign up for webinars, and make the most of your cookie program!

Questions about getting started or accessing gsLearn? Contact GSOH Customer Care at 614-487-8101 or

Need help with Digital Cookie? Request assistance here.

Council Cookie Resources

Forms and Permission Slips
Contests, Programs, and Extras
Cookie Rookies

Cookie Rookie Kits
If it’s your troop’s first year participating in the cookie program or your first time serving as a Troop Cookie Program Coordinator…the Cookie Rookie Kit was made for you! This free kit includes cookie samples and activities so your troop can have their very own cookie program kickoff. Use the kit to build your troop’s cookie program skills as you prepare to Go Bright Ahead into the program!

Cookie Rookie Chats
Ask your burning questions in a virtual Q&A with experienced cookie volunteers. Attend one or both chats to get ideas and support in your first year as a troop cookie program coordinator!

Tip Sheets
Social Media Guidelines

Girls may use the internet to share their cookie program sales links, stories, and learnings with the following guidelines:

  • The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a girl-led program and online marketing and sales efforts should always be led by a girl while also being supervised by her caregivers.
  • Girls engaging in online sales and marketing must review and apply the Digital Marketing Tips for Cookie Entrepreneurs and Their Families.
  • Girls, volunteers, and caregivers must review and adhere to the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge, the Digital Cookie Pledge, the Supplemental Safety Tips for Online Marketing, and Girl Scouts’ Safety Activity Checkpoints for Computer and Internet Use and Cookie and Product Sales (with the exception that they may share beyond friends and family).
  • Sales links should never be posted to online resale sites (eBay, Facebook Marketplace, etc.).
  • Be aware posts on Facebook containing the use of a dollar sign ($) may automatically move the post to Facebook Marketplace. To prevent this from occurring, you must disable the automated function.
  • Social media ads should not be purchased or donated to promote sales links.
  • Girls should consider removing their last name when using social media sites to protect their identity.

All webinars are 8-9pm unless otherwise indicated. Use the links below to register!

Digital Cookie for Families and Caregivers
Learn how to get started, manage orders, reach more customers, and help girls learn new skills!

Introduction to eBudde and Digital Cookie
We’ll walk you through eBudde and Digital Cookie to help you prepare for the start of the cookie program. This is ideal for first-time troop cookie program coordinators and is a great refresher for returning volunteers.

Submitting Initial Orders and Scheduling Booths

We’ll walk through of the eBudde processes for wrapping up the Initial Order Phase and preparing for the Booth Phase.

Maximizing the Booth Phase
Explore how to help your troop make the most of their cookie experience, including planning what to pick up from cupboards and when, and strategies for cookie booths, walkabouts, virtual cookie booths, and more!

Submitting Goal Getter and Cookie Cupboard Orders
Learn how to record Goal Getter orders and use cookie cupboards to fill orders and stock booths.

Cookie Program Q&A
Have questions? We’ve got answers! Submit questions ahead of time at and tune in for the answer. We’ll also address questions we hear frequently and answer questions live.

Closing Your Cookie Program
You’ve reached the finish line! We’ll share final eBudde and financial procedures, how to wrap up your program, and how to celebrate your troop’s success.

Cookie Cupboard Schedule


Other Resources

Girl Scouts of the USA's Cookie Resources Page 
Here you'll find handouts, posters, videos, and other materials to help you have fun and stay safe as you build your cookie business. 

Little Brownie Bakers 
Want to make this cookie season the best one yet? Check out some of the fun activities and materials for girls from our partners at Little Brownie Bakers. 

GSOH Product Program YouTube
Check out our video walkthroughs of the cookies and rewards, managing the troop’s cookie program in eBudde and more!