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Cookie program brings out Girl Scout’s kind-hearted nature

Top Cookie Seller 2019 Sarah

Sarah Redd can be a quiet girl. She lets her actions speak for her.

Her actions are motivated by how they will impact others. It’s the reason she set her 2018 Girl Scout Cookie Season goal at 2,018 packages, her highest goal in five years as a Girl Scout. She knew the more cookie proceeds her troop had, the more activities she and her friends could do together.

Being a Girl Scouts brings out Sarah’s kind-hearted nature.

“It gives her a chance to show it, which is great,” her dad, Joe Redd, said.

Even the reward Sarah earned for reaching her goal — one session of summer resident camp — was about her friends.

“I thought going to camp for two weeks of camp … would be fun so I would have both of my friends to go to camp with and I didn’t have to choose between one (or the other),” she said.

This year Sarah’s set her own goal lower than last year at about 1,600 packages. But she plans on working as many cookie booths as she did last year. She is using her time to assist other girls in her troop as they work toward their goals.

Sarah was “really excited” to meet her goal last year but loves seeing her friends meet theirs.

“I feel happy for them when they reach their goals,” Sarah said.

Part of the reason Sarah plans to work just as hard this cookie season is because of the big activity her troop has planned. The girls want to have their own week of camp, Sarah said.

Instead of going to Camp Molly Lauman where the resident camps are held each summer, the troop would arrange a week of fun activities so the 20 girls in Sarah’s troop can get a week of camp — and they would be all together as a troop.

While Girl Scouts brings out Sarah’s trait of aiding others, it’s also helped her get better a public speaking, she said.

Joe said when Sarah was in kindergarten she was the shyest and quietest person but working at cookie booths has improved her people skills.

“Everything about this was out of her comfort zone,” he said. “It’s one thing to go out of your comfort zone for a booth or two but it’s another to go do it for 60 or so hours.”

And while it’s great to see Sarah more comfortable talking to people, Joe said that isn’t even the best part of Sarah’s involvement in the cookie program.

“I think the best part is seeing a goal set, break down the goal into the small parts, and then see her keep pace with it and finish to get there,” he said.