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Girl Scout overcomes shyness, gains confidence through cookie program

2019 Seller Abrielle

Abrielle Thomas has only been a Girl Scout for four years but the Girl Scout Cookie Program has already changed her.

The 8-year-old Coshocton resident can be a little shy, however the cookie program makes her fearless.

“It makes me work harder and it gives me more confidence in myself.”

Her mom, Andria Thomas, said her normally shy daughter transforms when she’s at a cookie booth.

“When we go to the mall and set up booths, it just amazes me because she will stop every single person that walks by her and ask them if they want cookies,” Andria said.

Abrielle puts her shy nature aside while at cookie booths because she knows the importance of having as many people as possible purchase cookies.

 “I do it because it helps me reach my goal or maybe higher so that way I can do more stuff each year,” she said.

Abrielle is a pro when it comes to cookie booths. She does them with her troop but also does several on her own. Andria said this cookie season they were taking her booth to the next level.

“This year we’re actually setting up like a drive-thru for her because she has so many people that buy from her,” Andria said.

Last year Abrielle set her goal at 2,018 for two reasons, she said.

“Because that was the year it was, and I wanted to go to camp,” she said.

She met with ease and moved 2,023 packages of cookies.

Girls who reach 2,018 packages of cookies or more earned a free week of resident summer camp. Abrielle plans to use her free week this year.

She is excited and is already thinking about the activities she’ll get to do.

“We get to make s’mores and we get to sleepover night,” she said.

But the best part will be riding horses, something Abrielle has experience in because she takes lessons.  

Besides earning the reward of camp, the cookie program has taught Abrielle skills such as goal setting.

“(I’ve learned) that I can reach my goal if I try harder and have more confidence in myself,” she said.

Andria said the program has also helped Abrielle with math and managing money. Abrielle knows exactly how much someone owes when they purchase two, three or four packages of cookies.

Having more confidence in herself is the main takeaway Abrielle has from the cookie program and has impacted her life outside of Girl Scouts.

“It helps me life because I’m not afraid to talk to people and I’m not as shy as I was before,” she said. “It’s helped me make a lot of friends too.”