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Girl Scout’s new experiences powered by cookie program

Top Cookie Seller 2019 Corra

It takes hard work and determination to move 2,093 packages of Girl Scout Cookies in just three months.

But in her first year as a Girl Scout, Corra Proper did just that in 2018.

The 9-year-old said she worked at least one or two cookie booths each weekend in addition to going door-to-door to meet her goal of 2,018 packages.

Corra, who lives in Reynoldsburg, set such a high goal for her first year because she wanted to earn the free session of summer camp that comes with achieving that goal.

“I knew it was going to be fun and I’d never gone to an actual camp before,” she said.

She spent six days with her best friend Keira swimming, doing arts and crafts, riding horses and more while staying at Camp Molly Lauman in Scioto County.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program allows girls to have new experiences. Corra’s week at camp was the first time she was away from her parents, said her mom Crystal Proper. Crystal said camp was good for Corra’s independence.

“It was harder on me for her to go to camp,” Crystal said.

Corra’s hope is to replicate her success in 2019. Through the cookie program Corra is learning to set goals and her goal for this year is 2,019 packages because she wants to head back to camp. She has already picked out two sessions she wants to attend, another horseback riding camp and a slime making camp.

But Corra isn’t the only member of her troop hoping to attend camp this summer. Crystal said after the whole troop spent a weekend at camp in 2018, the troop has a goal to use its proceeds from the 2019 cookie season to send all six girls in the troop to a six-day camp.

The troop members also have a goal using a portion of their cookie proceeds to help their community by sharing them with either a homeless shelter or an animal shelter.

After just one year participating in the cookie program, Corra is developing into young leader.

“It made me a better person. It kept me busy,” she said.

Taking part in the cookie program, and in Girl Scouts in general, has already made an impact on Corra, Crystal said.

“She’s more outgoing,” Crystal said. “She doesn’t have a sister so she’s part of a sisterhood now. It’s nice to see her bonding with the other girls in the troop.”