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Training and Support Resources

Welcome Girl Scout volunteers!

You belong to a network of nearly one million adults who share an important commitment: preparing girls to lead successful lives! Below are the steps to the training requirements and resources that are designed to support you!

gsLearn access is found on the myGS link on this website. Log in to your account to find the gsLearn link. If you need assistance, contact

Step 1 - The Basics

Troop Leadership/Support Volunteers must complete within 6 months of appointment the following courses which are available on the dashboard of gsLearn:

  • 238- Welcome to GSOH: New Volunteer Basics Learning Pathway (the pathway includes these courses)
    • 238 – Safety Essentials
    • GSUSA – New Leader Onboarding: What Girl Scouts Do
    • GSUSA- VTK Troop Leader View
    • GSUSA – Managing My Troop from My Account
  • 238 Leadership Essentials- Online Facilitated
  • 238 Troop Finances Training- Online Facilitated
Step 2 - Troop Volunteers: The next level

These classes are required for the next adventures girls are planning!

First Aid/CPR 

  • Check the Safety Activity Checkpoints for when a first aider is required. 
  • Register for this course on the Activities tab on the GSOH website. 
  • The cost for the course offered from GSOH is $45. 
  • Any first aid/CPR available only online does not satisfy the requirements for Girl Scouts.

Troop Camp Certification

Troops wishing to camp are required to complete all three parts of the troop camp certification process.

Note: You must complete the first two steps prior to Step 3.

  • Step 1: GSUSA – Girl Scouts in the Outdoors (on gsLearn available 24/7)
  • Step 2: Planning and Prep (Instructor Led – choose a date) 
  • Step 3: Outdoor Skills. This course is completed with a team of facilitators at a campsite. Register under activities.
Step 3 – Enrichment: Enhance your Girl Scout Journey

These courses are found on gsLearn. Search for the class you’re looking for in the Content Library. There are great courses for each grade level and more. 

  • Grade Level Essentials
  • How to earn badges at all the levels

Safety Activity Checkpoints and Activity Approval

This class is found on gsLearn. The class name is 238 Safety Essentials.

Contact customer care if you need assistance logging into gsLearn.

Activity Approval Form

Some activities in Safety Activity Checkpoints require council approval. If the activity you plan to do requires approval, please fill out the form linked above and you will receive a response in 5-7 business days. For a quick reference guide of programs requiring council approval, check out the Safety Activities Checkpoint document.

Volunteer Toolkit

Get online support for volunteers. Visit the Volunteer Toolkit page. Check out gsLearn for some great instructional courses on how to use the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK).

Early Bird Renewal – May 16-June 30, 2022 
On Time Renewal – July 1- September 8, 2022

Troop Leadership Support Videos

Controlling the Room
Tips for troop leaders on the best way to get the attention of the girls in their troop.

Leader-daughter Dynamic
Tips for how to manage when troop leaders have their daughter in their troop.

Parent Meeting
Tips for engaging parents in troop meetings and activities.

Positive Troop Environment
Tips for creating and maintaining a sage and positive troop environment.

Start-up Activities
Examples of successful activities for the girls to do at the beginning of the troop meeting.

Troop Safety
Tips for troop leaders to ensure they are following safety guidelines with their troop.

Welcoming New Girls
Tips for troop leaders to ensure new girls feel welcome as a new troop member.

Outdoor Support Videos

Step by Step: Developing Outdoor Skills in Girls
At Girl Scouts, we work to build girls’ outdoor skills and inspire girls to care for the environment as they grow. The Girl Scout Outdoor Progression Chart is a tool you can use as you advance girls’ skills in an age-appropriate way. 

Taking the Journeys Outside
It’s easy to take a Girl Scout Journey outside. Each Journey is full of fun, interactive activities that can easily go outdoors and inspire girls to love and protect the planet. Watch this video to find out how!

Planning Your Troop’s First Campout 
In order to have a great campout, you need to plan ahead—and be prepared. This video will give you plenty to think about as you plan your next outdoor adventure with Girl Scouts.

Introduction to Campsite Set-Up 
A safe, efficient campsite is important when camping. Watch and learn how to set up a proper camp!

Introduction to Cooking Outdoors
Propane, charcoal, box ovens—there are so many choices when cooking outside. This video shares ideas about the delicious possibilities. Tasty!

How to Leave No Trace Outdoors
A Girl Scout always leaves an area better than she found it. Throughout this video, girls will learn the importance of caring for the land, and how to easily “Leave No Trace” when exploring and enjoying the outdoors.

Introduction to Fire Building
To ensure a fun campfire experience and help minimize impact on the environment, this video provides basic skills on Leave No Trace ethics, wood gathering, types of fire building methods, and how to start and extinguish a campfire.

Outdoors Songs and Games
This video provides fun tips on how to teach songs and games to girls to do in the outdoors, and resources available to learn more about Girl Scout songs and games. 

The Dos and Don’ts of Backpacking
This video features some great tips to help you start planning your next backpacking trip this troop year!