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Training and Support

Welcome Girl Scout volunteers!

You belong to a network of nearly one million adults who share an important commitment: preparing girls to lead successful lives. Below are links to courses, resources and events designed to support you, our volunteers.  Thank you for all you do!

New Troop Leadership/Support Volunteers (must complete within 6 months of appointment).  

Note: GS101 has been suspended as a part of the required trainings for new leadership volunteers.

Required trainings are:

  •  Safety Essentials
  •  Leadership Essentials.

Additional required training for signers on bank accounts:

  •  Finance Report Training
Safety Essentials

Explore the Volunteer Essentials Resource Guide and Safety Activity Checkpoints and discover how to conduct Girl Scout activities safely. 

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Leadership Essentials

GSOH Volunteer Resource Guide (Previously known as the VERG)

Learn the three keys of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and how to use resources to support and deliver the Girl Scout Program.
Time: 2 hours

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Finance Report Training (Account Signers)

This course is required within the first 6 months of becoming an account signer for a troop or service unit bank account. During this live, online course, information will be provided to accurately complete the troop and service unit finance reports. This course is optional for anyone who is not a signer but wishes to learn more about how to manage troop and service unit accounts.

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New trainings are added periodically. Check back often for updated dates.

Additional Courses
First Aid/CPR (Troop First-Aider)

Successful completion of this blended course earns the participant a First Aid/CPR certification for two years from ASHI and fulfills the requirements of a first aider for Girl Scout activities. Coursework involves both anonline portion and a physical face-to-face skills demonstration including a minimum of two minutes of CPR on a manikin. The link for the online coursework will be emailed approximately two weeks prior to the face-to-face class.

NOTE: Any first aid/CPR available online does not satisfy the requirements for Girl Scouts. Cost for this training is $30.

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Troop Camp Certification

This course must be completed by at least one adult (not necessarily the troop leader) before a troop can go camping. It is the their responsibility to attend pre-camp preparatory meetings with the girls. The adult helps girls prepare for the camping experience and then accompanies them on the camping trip.

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Council Delegate Training ( Elected Delegates)

Each delegate and alternate is required to complete specialized training for the position.

Council Delegate Training Video 

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Note: This is an open book quiz. The information you will need can be found in the Council Delegate Manual and Articles of Incorporation.

Troop Travel Training

Click here to watch and learn more about Troop Travel

Please take the Troop Travel quiz after reviewing the video playlist

GSOH Volunteer Resource Guide [Previously known as the VERG]
Safety Activity Checkpoints
ONE Heart Patch

Earn your Volunteer Development ONE Heart patch!


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Road Map

Looking for assistance navigating your first year? The GSOH Road Map is designed to help you cover the basics for a successful year. Download them here: English | Spanish 

Volunteer Toolkit

Get online support for volunteers. Visit the Volunteer Toolkit page . 


Find out more about volunteer recognitions here.  

Troop Leadership Support Videos

Controlling the Room
Tips for troop leaders on the best way to get the attention of the girls in their troop.

Leader-daughter Dynamic
Tips for how to manage when troop leaders have their daughter in their troop.

Parent Meeting
Tips for engaging parents in troop meetings and activities.

Positive Troop Environment
Tips for creating and maintaining a sage and positive troop environment.

Start-up Activities
Examples of successful activities for the girls to do at the beginning of the troop meeting.

Troop Safety
Tips for troop leaders to ensure they are following safety guidelines with their troop.

Welcoming New Girls
Tips for troop leaders to ensure new girls feel welcome as a new troop member.

Outdoor Support Videos

Step by Step: Developing Outdoor Skills in Girls
At Girl Scouts, we work to build girls’ outdoor skills and inspire girls to care for the environment as they grow. The Girl Scout Outdoor Progression Chart is a tool you can use as you advance girls’ skills in an age-appropriate way. 

Taking the Journeys Outside
It’s easy to take a Girl Scout Journey outside. Each Journey is full of fun, interactive activities that can easily go outdoors and inspire girls to love and protect the planet. Watch this video to find out how!

Planning Your Troop’s First Campout 
In order to have a great campout, you need to plan ahead—and be prepared. This video will give you plenty to think about as you plan your next outdoor adventure with Girl Scouts.

Introduction to Campsite Set-Up 
A safe, efficient campsite is important when camping. Watch and learn how to set up a proper camp!

Introduction to Cooking Outdoors
Propane, charcoal, box ovens—there are so many choices when cooking outside. This video shares ideas about the delicious possibilities. Tasty!

How to Leave No Trace Outdoors
A Girl Scout always leaves an area better than she found it. Throughout this video, girls will learn the importance of caring for the land, and how to easily “Leave No Trace” when exploring and enjoying the outdoors.

Introduction to Fire Building
To ensure a fun campfire experience and help minimize impact on the environment, this video provides basic skills on Leave No Trace ethics, wood gathering, types of fire building methods, and how to start and extinguish a campfire.

Outdoors Songs and Games
This video provides fun tips on how to teach songs and games to girls to do in the outdoors, and resources available to learn more about Girl Scout songs and games. 

The Dos and Don’ts of Backpacking
This video features some great tips to help you start planning your next backpacking trip this troop year!

Adult Camporee

Thank you to everyone who helped and attended this year's Adult Camporee. We can't wait till next year!


Autumn Adventure

Thank you to everyone who helped and attended this year's Autumn Adventure. We can't wait till next year!

Early Bird/ On Time Renewal

Thank you to those who participated in this year's early bird/on time registration! The incentive period is over for this year. We look are already looking forward to spring 2020!