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COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of plans to a screeching halt, including troop travel plans. After a hard year, GSOH is ready to approve troop travel again. We are officially opening Level 3 and Level 4 travel this summer!

Troops that want to engage in Level 3 and Level 4 travel need to take troop travel training and turn in their applications as soon as possible. We know the forms state that applications are due at least one year in advance, but due to the changing regulations and best practices we've all dealt with this year, we will accept applications for summer travel (June-August) until May 31.

For any trips taking place September 2021-March 2022, applications will be accepted until Aug. 31.

Forms must be received at least four weeks before departure date.

Troop leaders need to fill out our COVID-19 readiness checklist here, in addition to the other paperwork.

Trips taking place after March 2022 should follow the schedule as written on application forms.

International Travel (Level 5) is not being approved at this time, due to the ever-changing regulations around entering the United States post-travel.


How Do GSOH Girl Scouts Travel?


Travel is one of the many awesome activities our Girl Scouts can partake in, and there's a type of trip for everyone!

Troop Travel (All Ages)

Troop travel is our most common type of travel, and it's just like it sounds — a way for your whole troop to experience travel and activities together! Troop travel covers everything from visiting a local ice cream shop during your meeting to hiking in the Rocky Mountains or even visiting WAGGGS World Centres around the world. Troop travel requires troop leaders to take the troop travel training, where you'll learn more about each level and how we prepare for different trips.

Council-Supported Travel (Ages 15+)

Council-supported travel is an excellent opportunity for Girl Scouts to travel independently from their troop, but with the support of GSOH staff and volunteers. Council-supported travel trips are planned by our seasoned volunteers alongside EF Tours, a company that plans trips all around the globe. Girl Scouts will travel with others from around the council and visit places such as Belize, London and National Parks.

We’re going to Iceland in July 2023!

Iceland travel boasts stunning fjords and breathtaking waterfalls but is also rich in active learning experiences like visiting the Dimmuborgir lava formations and walking on gaps in tectonic plates. Trips to Iceland are never complete without visiting a red mountain where mud boils and steam flows out of the earth, and, of course, relaxing in the Blue Lagoon. Iceland travel is not for the faint-of-heart or weak-of-limb; it will keep girls moving, climbing, and hiking—and constantly questioning how their surroundings can possibly be real.

Girls must be at least 14 years old at the time of the trip to go on this adventure! Have questions? Contact for more information!

Destinations (Ages 11+)

Destinations are one step further removed from council. These are trips planned by GSUSA, where GSOH Girl Scouts can meet other girls from across the country and all over the country and world. Destinations are application-based, run by GSUSA. Find more information here.

Adventure Treks (Ages 11+)

Ready for the next BIG thing? Adventure Treks are like resident camp, amped up with some serious cool factor. Big trips, challenges, friendships and more — Adventure Treks have it all! Adventure Treks all start and end at Camp Molly Lauman. Get ready for the time of your life!

Summer 2022 Trips: 

Eco Expedition
Grades Completed: 6-11 grade
Cost: Approximately $900
Dates: June 12-24 | Registration Opens November 1

West Virginia will be our grounds for exploration as we navigate New River Gorge National Park, and take a variety of adventure-packed day trips that will expand your knowledge in science and ecology. We’ll zip through trees on a canopy tour, dive into geology while rock climbing, and learn about waterways while splashing along on a white-water rafting expedition. Financial Aid is available.

Cape Cod Rocks
Grades Completed: 6-11 grade
Cost: Approximately $900
Dates: July 3-15 | Registration Opens November 1

Travel to the Atlantic Ocean on this non-stop sporting trek! From the waves to calmer waters, you’ll explore the shores and marshes of the cape through watersports like paddle boarding, surfing, and kayaking. Girl Scouts will experience a mix of exploring the natural beauty of this east cost area and discover the charm of many nearby historic towns. Financial Aid is available. 

Get details here! 




For more about other travel opportunities, please visit our main travel page here!


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